GHILDE follows their clients in every single step of the project, acting as a project manager or on specific actions on the existing systems (DCS, PLC). Ghilde Engineers are expert in the following businesses and sectors:

  • Auditing, Consulting and Designing of the control systems
  • HMI Design and implementation
  • Integration and interfacing of different systems
  • Expertise on existing installed control systems
  • On-site maintenance
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Systems upgrade and migration
  • Technical Training (for Operators and Engineers)
  • Alarms and Control (process and advanced control) management studies
  • Surveying, Developing and Integrating of Control system applications (DCS and PLC)

Engineering and competences

GHILDE is an expert in software applications developed within the distributed control systems. Our customers are Oil & Gas, petrochemical, waste processing (incineration units, mud processing units) water treatment and other industries (paper mills, glass manufacturing,…).

The consulting, architecture and the design tasks for the supervision systems may be managed as an all-in-price contract at the GHILDE's place before getting embedded in the plant system, or as a technical assistance at the location of our customers units.

For the technical assistance services and for the all-in-the-price contracts services as well, GHILDE will assign to the projects the most qualified engineers in the up-to-date implemented technologies.


Therefore, in addition to our experience gained while working in the customers units, GHILDE's engineers are continuously trained on the new technologies developed by the manufacturers and continuously aware of the businesses of our customers.

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